APP UPDATE 2024 // Improved GPX import, new functions & extended route planning

APP UPDATE 2024 // Improved GPX import, new functions & extended route planning

The latest update for the Tilsberk HUD app is here: With the update for the 2024 season, we bring you an improved GPX import, new functions and enhanced route planning in the app. Over the past few months, we have been working hard to improve the user experience for you and to further develop and simplify route planning.
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You spoke and we've listened! Your user feedback was more than valuable for this update. We are delighted to present the 2024 season update for the Tilsberk HUD app. Over the past few months, we have been working hard to improve our app and to further develop and simplify tour planning for you.

One highlight is the improvement of the integrated GPX import in the app. We have greatly optimized the way the import works so that the characteristics and special features of your routes are now even better preserved.

But that's not all - we have also integrated a tour memory into the app. Now you can not only save individual destinations as before, but also complete tours in the app. Regardless of how many adventures you are planning, you can now save them all in the app. Thanks to a free user account, you can access your saved tours at any time. So your adventure is always just a click away!

So if you want to plan tours or even complete trips with the app and use routes from other applications, simply import them into our app and conveniently save individual daily stages in the new tour memory. Together with free maps for many countries worldwide, free updates and the option to navigate offline, our app and the Tilsberk Head-up Display will guide you safely and reliably to your destination.

For all those who want even more: PREMIUM for advanced route planning and navigation in one application

Together with "Kurviger", a planning tool for motorcycle trips on twisty roads, we are taking tour planning in the Tilsberk HUD app to a new level for you: We have developed a new premium version for anyone who wants even more flexibility and functionality when planning their trip. This provides you with motorcycle-specific, extended tour planning on particularly twisty roads and navigation of circular tours. You also get real-time traffic data. All closures, construction work or traffic jams along the route are displayed and allow you to update the route in real time. Another advantage is that the GPX import works even more intelligently in the premium version and recognizes obstacles on the route so that waypoints that have already been set no longer necessarily have to be approached. Instead, the route can be adapted directly to the new road. Many motorcyclists are familiar with this problem with their own navigation systems. POIs specially developed for motorcyclists supplement the map material. A browser application for route planning on a PC or Mac is also integrated in the premium version. This is particularly interesting if you want to plan your tours before you start your journey and preferably at home on your computer. You can also save tours planned in the premium version across all devices. So they can be easily reused and edited even when you change your smartphone or if you want to plan on another device such as a tablet.

This gives you a comprehensive planning tool with advanced route settings and many individual planning options for your trip preparation - all combined in one application. Incidentally, the new planning environment is based on the well-known German planning app "Kurviger" and can be activated exclusively via the Tilsberk HUD app.

If you're thinking: "Wow, that sounds great, but I want to try it out first.", then we have good news: You can test the premium version free of charge for 14 days. After this time, you can choose between a monthly license for $7.99 or an annual license for $34.99.

Navigation was already integrated with Calimoto last year. As a Calimoto user, you can select the Tilsberk Head-Up Display directly in the Calimoto app and pair it via Bluetooth. So, you now have the choice between a total of three different planning options: our integrated navigation, Calimoto or Kurviger.

Conclusion: Whether you want to go on spontaneous day trips or plan your motorcycle tours in detail - our app offers you a wide range of options. If you want to use the system not only as head-up display with integrated navigation, but also as a fully-fledged tour planning tool, you can now access the premium version of the app. Everyone else can continue to use the free version of the app even in the future.

We are looking forward to the new season with the improved Tilsberk HUD app and are eagerly awaiting your feedback!


Update or download now: Click here for the TILSBERK HUD app!

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