Founder of TILSBERK


Hey there, I'm Sascha! Alongside my brother Tim, we're the founders of TILSBERK. Our mission is to craft top-notch, intelligent motorcycle accessories that'll make your riding experience a breeze – safer, more comfortable, and all-around better. We're thrilled to be on this journey with you!

About Digades

Technology for motorcyclists

Let's change the future of motorcycling - together!

Motorcycling embodies the freedom of the open road, merging human, machine, and nature in a symphony of exhilaration. TILSBERK enhances this experience by ensuring every ride is safer, smarter, and more connected.

1991 - Today

Our Story

The beginning

In 1991, the company digades was founded, with Lutz Berger leading the way as an engineer in communications engineering and a passionate motorcyclist. Starting as an engineering office, digades gradually broadened its capabilities in electronics development and manufacturing in the years that followed.

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