Navigation view through the display of the TILSBERK Head-Up Display

UPDATE // Season 2023: new update, new features

We have exciting news for you! The 2023 season kicks off with a major update to our Tilsberk app. During the winter, we worked on developing some fantastic new features that will enhance your navigation experience, making it even more seamless and enjoyable. Here are the key highlights of the new features:


New map material

The TILSBERK HUD app now utilizes Sygic Routing with TomTom map data instead of HERE maps.


Customize instructions

Personalize the display of navigation instructions by choosing whether you want them to appear well in advance of the turn, at a normal timing, just before the turn, or to be permanently displayed.

Route Planning

Route options

Utilize multiple route options to customize navigation according to your needs.

Route planning


During route planning, you have now the option to consider Points of Interest (POIs).

Speed Alert

Customize speed alert

Specify the speed threshold (in km/h or mph) at which you would like to receive warnings for exceeding the limit.

Route planning

Increased number of waypoints

Now, you have an increased number of waypoints available for your navigation.

Display Settings

mph - km/h

Switch between mph and km/h according to your preference.


Kilometers or Miles

Customize the distance units for navigation: Kilometers & Meters, Miles & Feet, Miles & Yards.

Route Planning

Destination Memory

Select from your recently visited destinations for even faster navigation.

Route Planning

Landscape mode

Now you can plan routes also in landscape mode within the TILSBERK app.


Only the road ahead matters

To provide a clearer navigation experience when using the app on your handlebars, we have removed the display of the distance already traveled from the app.

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We're thrilled to bring you these exciting updates and wish you an amazing time navigating with TILSBERK!

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