Coming soon: Sales launch of the Tilsberk head-up display in the U.S.

SALES LAUNCH // Tilsberk launches its head-up display for motorcyclists in the U.S.

Innovative head-up display for motorcyclists provides a new level of riding pleasure for motorcyclists. The Tilsberk head-up display makes helmets smart and allows motorcyclists to keep their eyes on the open road, in turn decreasing distractions that may create dangerous riding conditions.

One year ago, Tilsberk caused quite a sensation in the European motorcycling scene with the introduction of the Tilsberk head-up display. With the practical retrofit kit for all common types of motorcycle helmets, speed, navigation and communication data are projected directly in front of the right eye on a crystal-clear display measuring just 0.155 square inches, providing motorcyclists with information without having to take their eyes off the road.

Now, the Tilsberk head-up display is set to conquer the US market. "We are very proud to be able to confidently take the leap across the Atlantic," says Tim Berger, CEO of Digades GmbH, the electronics developing and manufacturing company behind the brand of Tilsberk.

Inspired by display systems for jet and helicopter pilots, the Tilsberk head-up display brings essential riding information directly into the field of view of the motorcyclist, without the need to divert their gaze from the road. Through a specially designed app, the head-up display connects to the rider's smartphone.

The Tilsberk head-up display is designed as a retrofit kit for all popular motorcycle helmet types, without the need for external attachments, ensuring no limitations to the rider's field of vision. Installation is as simple as using magnetic adhesion to attach the system directly behind the visor on the supplied mounting adapters, which fit most helmets. Motorcyclists praised the ability to customize the displayed information and the high-contrast monochrome display, which remains easily visible in any environment and adjusts to current lighting conditions. With a powerful rechargeable battery, the head-up display goes the distance, lasting up to 12 hours.

More information about the brand Tilsberk:

Tilsberk stands for high-quality motorbike accessories made in Germany, with the aim of making motorcycling easier, safer and more comfortable. Sascha and Tim Berger are the founders of Tilsberk and, as CEOs of Digades GmbH, can draw on more than 30 years of experience in the field of electronics development and manufacturing. By the way: The brand name Tilsberk is made up of the first and last names of the Digades founding family TIm, Lutz, Sascha and Kerstin BERger.

To introduce the new brand Tilsberk, the head-up display was launched at the beginning of 2022. In the U.S., the Tilsberk head-up display, along with other accessory products, is now exclusively available from the brand's own online shop at

More information about Digades GmbH (the company behind Tilsberk):

As a full-service provider and RF specialist, Digades GmbH has been developing and manufacturing high-quality B2B electronic system solutions in the areas of high-performance wireless controls, HMI with special features as well as comfort and safety electronics since 1991. With 150 employees, the company develops and manufactures primarily for the automotive and motorbike industries. This increasingly includes its own products and product platforms.

From idea to development to series production, every step takes place at the three German company locations in Zittau, Dresden and Nordhausen. Digades currently produces around 1.2 million electronic devices with high specific requirements per year. A wide range of technologies and manufacturing processes are available for this purpose. System solutions from Digades are used by a wide variety of automobile, motorcycle, and commercial vehicle manufacturers as well as in industry. Further information about the company can be found here:

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