Installation variant A

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Step 2

Install helmet adapter with tabs

Place the helmet adapter (1) in the forehead area of the helmet. At the front of the helmet adapter is a mark (2) that should be on an imaginary line between the center of the helmet and the center of your face.

Press on helmet adapter

Press the tabs evenly into the gap (3) with both hands until the base plate of the helmet adapter is fully seated against the mounting surface of the helmet. For some helmets, the gap may need to be tightened a little first.


If individual tabs in the gap of the helmet collide with the material of the helmet, you can break off up to three tabs (4) at the perforated line (5) of the helmet adapter. Smooth out the fractures with a file or scissors.

Ensure straight attachment

Make sure that the helmet adapter is attached straight. You can tell by the straight gap between the helmet adapter and the module.

If the helmet adapter wobbles after attachment as in the video below, then the gap between the module and helmet adapter is uneven. Adjust the helmet adapter by pressing it evenly so that the gap between the helmet adapter and the module is even.

Step 2 completed

The helmet adapter with tabs is attached, now proceed to step 3.

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