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Step 3

Set up display

Put on your helmet as usual. Attach the head-up display to the helmet adapter with the magnets and fold the display down at a 45° angle. The display should now be clearly visible in front of your right eye.

Set display correctly

Press the control button on the head-up display module to turn on the device.

Check that you can see the entire display clearly without changing the position of the helmet on your head. To do this, look ahead as you would in traffic. If the display is blurred or not easy to read, you can slightly change the angle of the display.


You can display the frame for orientation during alignment at any time. To do so, activate the "Alignment mode" in the "Settings" app menu.


Shortly after mounting, Sugru does not yet develop its full holding power. The helmet adapter can be easily removed and reattached. If the layer of Sugru deforms when the helmet adapter is detached from the helmet, press it slightly smooth with your fingers before reassembly.

Readjust Sugru

If the frame on the display is partially or completely out of your field of view, remove the head-up display from the helmet and move the helmet adapter slightly in the desired direction.

Adjust the position of the helmet adapter until all the conditions mentioned here are met.

If necessary, remodel Sugru

Remove any Sugru that has swollen out from the edges of the helmet adapter. Use a flat object, such as a plastic card or a popsicle stick. Be careful not to change the position of the helmet adapter. Allow the layer of Sugru to cure completely before using the device. The curing time is 12 to 24 hours, depending on the thickness of the layer of Sugru. A layer of 1.5 mm (approx. 0.06 inches) needs about 12 hours, a layer of 3 mm (approx. 0.12 inches) needs about 24 hours.


You have successfully installed the helmet adapter in your helmet. You will now be guided through the next steps in your app.

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